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Sat, Sep 12
Online Course
AI for Business Leaders - Professional Training
This course we will take an in-depth look at the core characteristics, tools and methods to become an AI company, and apply them, through practical case studies and use cases, with a special emphasis on the use of data and analytics.
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Sat, Aug 08
Online Workshop
Machine Learning (Part 01) - Young Innovators Workshops
Free online classroom series conducted in partnership with STEMUP Educational Foundation to educate the young innovators who are at the crossroads of deciding their future path, on the fundamentals of the technologies that will shape our future. Machine Learning (part 01)
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Thu, Aug 06
AI Broadcast - #4 Creating Value through Data
The fourth session of the AI Broadcast, with Kritika Jalan, Ambassador of Andrew Ng's deeplearning.ai, with experience in helping companies make a digital transformation and use data in place of intuitions to drive business decisions.
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Thu, Jul 30
Women in AI APAC Forum
AI is the future and Women have a significant role to play in shaping this future Join our joint forum with Microsoft as we discuss what opportunities and challenges women face in this time; how can we ensure equal access to this powerful technology among many interesting topics!
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Fri, Jul 24
CIT - Colombo Innovation Tower
AI Career Talk
Join the insightful talk by Lin Gong-Deutschmann, Co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Academy as she touches upon what future careers will be like, importance of AI across any field, followed by an opportunity for parents / students to discuss thoughts about pursuing higher studies in AI

Past Events

Fundamentals of AI (part 2) - Young Innovators Workshops
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AI Broadcast - #3 Leveraging AI in the Health Sector
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AI Broadcast - #2 Race for AI Super Power, Tencent's ABCD
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AI Broadcast - #1 Why is AI, for everyone?
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