Artificial Intelligence will disrupt businesses, shape society and revolutionize the job market. One third of job roles will soon become redundant.

Our way of learning is hand in hand with industry - evolving our methods with partners and rooted in real-world problems. Students work to solve pertinent issues puzzling experts today and have support in setting up businesses and getting jobs. We also focus on the skills of the new economy including design, ethics and soft skills.  


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Project based learning

Creating tangible positive impact through AI, which requires a solid mastery of AI concepts and latest technologies, as well as business domain knowledge and hands-on experience.Therefore, our students work on real-world problems in close collaboration with global leading industry partners.


Lifelong learning

We believe that in our exponential world the only constant is change, learning to unlearn and applying always the latest knowledge and technologies is essential.
Therefore, our curriculum is focused on creative problem solving connecting and bridging across different disciplines, while staying on top of latest AI developments at all times.


Human centred learning

While algorithms and bots take over quantitative and repetitive roles, human soft skills such as creativity, empathy, responsibility, and the ability to work cross-functionally in teams will become essential in the future.

Therefore, our programs specifically include human centred domains such as psychology, design thinking and ethics, and students work from day one on real-world problems and in teams. 


Incubation &


We believe that barriers of entry disappear and new business ideas can be realized at ever faster pace.
Therefore, AI Academy provides an open innovation platform for new business ideas, with incubation services – for students to spin-out new business ideas fast, and for partners to capture investment opportunities.

Partner with Us

Most companies require external AI talent above and beyond upskilling their existing workforce, to fill the dramatic demand in AI practitioners.

AI Academy  gives partner companies early access to applied AI businesses incubated by and with AI Academy students and faculty. We offer companies to engage with our students early and throughout their education, to build a platform for future employment. 

Our Campus


AI Academy is based in Colombo Innovation Tower, a new hub for innovation driven from the combination of design and tech. A buzzing 17-storey building housing innovation companies, a renowned design school, AOD and more. Located in central Colombo, one of Asia's fastest growing cities and home to key software companies.


Shape the future with applied AI

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AI Academy, Colombo Innovation Tower, 477 R.A. De Mel Mawatha, 

Colombo 4,

Sri Lanka

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