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The global potential of Advanced Analytics and AI is estimated to be between 10 and 15 trillion USD per year. Companies who successfully employ big data analytics realize double digit revenue and profit advantage. Across all sectors data driven companies dominate in terms of market share. Every company which stays back risks to be obsolete in due course. Lack of qualified advanced analytics and AI professionals is the single biggest barrier for business adoption. The single most important factor determining a company's job location is the availability of skilled local talent.

The Artificial Intelligence Academy actively engages with companies who aim to generate value from advanced analytics and AI – through upskilling, AI talent sourcing, investment in AI driven businesses, and as platform to advance Digital Sri Lanka as a leader in AI in South Asia. 


The AI Academy Distinguished Speaker Series gives companies the opportunity to keep their leaders and key staff up to date on how to unlock business value through artificial intelligence across industries.

The AI Academy Executive Training features global industry experts and academic thought leaders to share use cases, best practises and experience on how to unlock business value through advanced analytics and AI, delivered in industry specific sessions.


Talent Source

Companies can collaborate with BSc students on their hands-on project work, to solve real-world business problem. Supervision and infrastructure by AI Academy will ensure quality and data privacy and security.

In addition, companies can financially sponsor student‘s MSc course, thus securing talent for substantial MSc project work, and readily skilled talent post graduation.



AI Academy gives partner companies early access to applied AI businesses incubated by and with AI Academy students and faculty. Many successful AI driven business models have been started outside established companies.

Invest AIAcademy

Work with us

Beyond engaging with AI Academy for talent upskilling, talent sourcing, and AI investments, AI Academy provides a focused platform to advance Digital Sri Lanka to become the AI powerhouse in the region.

Companies can sponsor student scholarships, thus unlocking talent regardless of social status.

Companies can sponsor AI Academy infrastructure – as part of the academic setup as well as equipping AI Academy‘s experience centre, to enable a continuous state of art setup, and to secure the company‘s brand awareness amongst students and partners.


Please contact us to discuss. 

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