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Young Innovators



- 2 hours classes


-For 15-18 year olds 

(not limited to)


-Basic education in future technologies


-Conducted in partnership with STEMUP Educational Foundation

The AI Academy aims to fulfill the talent gap in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence the world is faced with today, with more jobs available than the number of qualified individuals to fill these roles. 

Understanding that the path to creating such talent begins at a young age and the vitality of a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) foundation to nurture digital pioneers of the future who are not only genius programmers but also critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and innovators, the AI Academy announces its partnership with SETM UP educational foundation, a not for profit organization. 


In collaboration, free education for teenagers will be provided under AI Academy's Young Innovators Program.

The program includes Coder Dojo - an international open source social education movement oriented around the running of fun and free social coding clubs for young people which will teach programming and scratch. STEM UP has also enhanced the international Coder Dojo course by introducing components of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for its joint program with the AI Academy.


Those interested could sign up for the full program, or select the modules they wish to join too!


Classes will be conducted online 

Register below to receive the link to join the next class - Natural Language Processing & Chatbot Agents (part 02) on the 9th of January 2020, 9 am - 10.30 am!

Young Innovators Program


Programming & Coding


  • Hour of Code

  • Scratch I

  • Scratch II

  • Micro:bit I

  • Micro:bit II

  • Micro:bit III

  • Arduino I

  • Arduino II

  • Arduino III

  • Arduino IV

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


  • Fundamentals of AI - Part 01

  • Fundamentals of AI - Part 02

  • Machine Learning - Part 01

  • Machine Learning - Part 02

  • Applications of AI - Part 01

  • Applications of AI - Part 02

  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks - Part 01

  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks - Part 02

  • AI for Good - Part 01

  • AI for Good - Part 02

  • Natural Language Processing and Chatbot agents - Part 01

  • Natural Language Processing and Chatbot agents - Part 02


STEM UP’s Coder Dojo follows a different delivery model where students are given an open, free and unstructured setting where they can follow their own interests, meet like-minded people and develop self-directed learning habits with the support of champions and mentors of STEM UP and develop 21st century skills by build creative projects of their own choice using digital technology.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence components have been added in as there is a high probability of being no field left untouched by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the future. All of which makes it very important to ensure the youth who will be stepping into the job market and leading the future digital world are well versed in these fields

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