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BSc. Artificial Intelligence 


- 3 years

- 2 years : HND

- 1 year : Top up degree



Futurists and industry leaders foresee a future where humans and machines closely co-operate, where many traditional job roles become obsolete and for which the best preparation is to develop new skills. Immerse yourself today to be ready for an “AI- First” tomorrow. Dive into emerging careers and new study programs which will shape the future of economy and society.


The Artificial Intelligence Academy is Sri Lanka’s first dedicated graduate & undergraduate level AI Education Institute. AI Academy’s mission is to prepare global leaders, entrepreneurs and digital pioneers for the future, to solve real-world business problems by breakthrough solutions, using exponential technologies with creativity, design thinking and ethics. A one of a kind university, AI Academy introduces a new academic model for practice based learning, focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence. It provides a unique platform for students and faculty to specialize in Applied AI. Students are equipped with the required skills to become the most sought-after talent of the future.

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