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Our Vision

The Artificial Intelligence Academy (AI Academy) aspires to be the leading applied artificial intelligence educational institution in South Asia in terms of positive impact created on businesses and society. 

AI Academy Colombo is launched with a vision to drive the knowledge economy in Sri Lanka and the South Asian region.


The launch of the AI Academy is fully supporting the government’s agenda to reform the curriculum in higher education to meet local & global market demands and prioritize technology based education in driving faster economic growth, creating a skilled resource pool for economic transformation.

Our Founders



Education Visionary

Linda Speldewinde.JPG

Linda Speldewinde


Visionary founder and Chairperson of Design Corp, a group of companies to which - amongst others - the Academy of Design (AOD) belongs.


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Lin Gong Deutschmann


Lin is a senior international business leader and strategist in innovation, who has been consulting and leading Fortune 500 companies across multiple European and Asian countries


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Technology Visionary

Our Brand


The ideogram logo is an abstraction of the A and I abbreviation from the word ‘Artificial Intelligence’.


The bold geometric shapes embody the hero characteristics of the brand, with its shape and size contrasting with the wordmark. This symbolises the inspiration behind all this—the potential of exponential development in artificial intelligence and the possibilities that it opens up for our own personal development as individuals, and even as a species.


The symbol/ shape is inspired by the caret symbol used in mathematics to represent an exponent, such as a square, cube or another exponential power.


Our Holding Company

We are part of the Design Corp Group of companies which launches ventures to bridge creative innovation and business. 

We are a conglomerate of institutes, organisations, brands and projects that drives one mission: 

To make a difference through design. 

This mission goes beyond creativity and aesthetics. It is a way of thinking that reaches all the way to the core of making and doing. It leads by creating a contemporary juxtaposition of art, craft, culture, society, humanity, engineering, technology and business. As the information age reaches its next epoch, technology is empowering design in a multitude of dimensions. This is where tomorrow will be made.

Our Sister Companies include;

design corp logo.jpeg

Academy of Design (AOD) - Sri Lanka's most future-ready design dynamic with a partnership with one of UK's finest design universities: Northumbria University. With a faculty of designers from across the globe AOD offers design degrees in multiple fields laying the foundation for a great creative career

Colombo Innovation Tower -  A hub to be the epicenter for innovation, with an eco-system led by design. It runs on the philosophy that design and creativity when merged with business and technology has the power to deliver actual innovation. 

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