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AI Academy hosts ‘Women in AI APAC Forum 2020’ in partnership with Microsoft and SLASSCOM

Artificial Intelligence is poised to change and enhance every aspect of life and women have a significant role to play in shaping the future that will be driven by technology. Given the relevance of the topic and shared beliefs, the Artificial Intelligence Academy Colombo joined with Microsoft APAC to present the “Women in AI APAC Forum 2020”, co-hosted with SLASSCOM, which was successfully held on the 30 July, as a virtual event. 

The distinguished speakers who are carrying leading roles at Microsoft included General Manager Sook Hoon Cheah, Southeast Asia New Markets General Manager Renee Lo, Data and AI Asia Director Annie Matthews, APAC Developer Relations Product Marketing Manager Anne Fernando, Modern Workplace Developer Marketing Manager Shubangi Gupta. 

The session was moderated by Artificial Intelligence Academy Co-founder and Managing Director Lin Gong-Deutschmann. The discussion of the forum was built on the basis that whether in education, work or leadership gender equality and parity has become a global imperative. 

- AUGUST 2020


General Manager Southeast Asia New Markets, Sook Hoon Cheah, General Manager Data and AI Asia - Renee Lo, Lin Gong-Deutschmann, Co-founder AI Academy, Developer Marketing Manager Shubangi Gupta, Director APAC Developer Relations - Annie Matthews, Product Marketing Manager Modern Workplace - Anne Fernando.

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